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Content and process management for B2B eCommerce companies

I write and manage content that converts for B2B tech companies and eCommerce businesses.

With a background of testing strategies in content and inbound marketing, I can bring an ultra-organized, optimized content management process to your business (and your clients).

Let’s work together to improve your email marketing, web content/SEO, guest posting strategy, and write copy that stands out to your target audience.

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[Email Course] Mastering Remote Work

I’m a full-time remote worker, and have been since graduating college. I’ve had the opportunity to work from Australia, Japan, across the USA, New Zealand, Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Canada, and more.

Remote work has taught me to work quickly and efficiently to make up for the jumps in timezone, and communicate extensively to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. In this course, you can learn about remote work in 9 emails.

How to organize qualitative data for quantitative analysis

Marketing decisions need to come from a mix of data, experience, observation, and a slew of other factors. I wrote about the importance of making data-driven decisions recently, and interviewed quite a few marketers to figure out how they did it. But what happens when you don’t have reliable data, because your custom-built SaaS app...
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