Mastering Remote Work

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Learn how to get started with remote work, how to maintain productivity during travel, the benefits of creating communities, useful tools, and more.

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What the course will cover

These lessons were built from professional experience, and cover the most common (and important) questions I get asked about working remotely. We will talk about real scenarios, how I’ve found clients, and the tools and management methods I’ve used along the way.

  1. Why remote work?
  2. Building the necessary soft skills
  3. Common remote roles and technical skills
  4. Finding clients
  5. Closing the deal (lessons 4 and 5 are available on my blog)
  6. Productivity: Home offices and travel
  7. Productivity tools
  8. Virtual networking: Communities and relationship building
  9. Sustainable growth: Client and team selection

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P.S. You’ll also meet my co-author, Joan the hedgehog.

My co-author, Joan the hedgehog
Joan says hello from her favorite cup

Don’t want the whole course?

Here’s a quick summary instead: Mastering Remote Work: A Guide Built from 7 Years of Experience
Plus, lessons 4 and 5 are available on my blog at How to find remote clients and close deals