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B2B Content Marketing Strategy and Execution

Rachel Go is a first marketer that scales with your brand. She has built marketing teams and content engines for Deliverr (acq. @ $2.1B), MyFBAPrep (Inc 5000 #44 and Deloitte 500 #20), Skubana, Hubstaff, and more.

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Product and content marketing for B2B eCommerce companies

I'm a marketing manager with a background in building scalable content engines for B2B eCommerce companies.

I'm a first marketer that scales with your company. I'll build your marketing function from the ground up, learning about your product and customers to determine channel strategy, while testing along the way to optimize our time and efforts.

We start out with just as much time as your startup wants to devote to marketing (I'm a contractor with flexible hours). I often start in-the-weeds of execution. As your company grows, I can shift to hiring, managing, and building repeatable processes

Let’s work together to improve your email marketing, web content/SEO, guest posting strategy, and write copy that stands out to your target audience.

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[Email Course] Mastering Remote Work

I’m a full-time remote worker, and have been since graduating college. I’ve had the opportunity to work from Australia, Japan, across the USA, New Zealand, Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Canada, and more.

Remote work has taught me to work quickly and efficiently to make up for the jumps in timezone, and communicate extensively to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. In this course, you can learn about remote work in 9 emails.

How to Conduct Consumer Research

How well do you know your customers? Do you know what motivates them? What keeps them up at night? What does their dream role look like? What would make their lives easier? Knowing what makes your customers tick is imperative for any business looking to leave its mark on the world. When you conduct consumer...
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How to run a content audit and update

Imagine you have a huge refrigerator with double doors, an ice maker, and all the space you’d ever need. You love it — until it fills up, and things in the back start to spoil. Keeping a large, full fridge organized is a Herculean task, especially when you have containers of who-knows-what from 2015 buried...
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How to hire a content marketing manager

Content is valuable for every company – the right content strategy creates compounding returns, boosts business ROI, and generates high-quality leads. However, without a content marketing manager to oversee strategy and execution, you could end up wasting time, money, and effort. In this article, I’ll cover: What a content manager does The benefits of having...
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How to create a winning B2B inbound marketing strategy

Gone are the days when you needed double-page spreads in industry magazines and in-person trade shows to sell your products; B2B marketing reigns over digital commerce. Within this atmosphere, many B2B brands have turned to inbound marketing to achieve success. From engaging email marketing campaigns to helpful blog posts, there are many ways you can...
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